What would you like to know?

What is LifeWorks Families?

LifeWorks Families is a free support service to help military spouses and partners get the job they want. 

Who is LifeWorks Families for?

LifeWorks Families is available to all spouses and partners of any serving (or recently discharged) member of the Armed Forces, including Reserves.

Where is LifeWorks Families delivered?

Courses are held throughout the year across the UK and abroad. You can find the full list of course dates and locations here.

Who delivers LifeWorks Families?

LifeWorks is delivered by a team of highly skilled trainers, vocational assessors and other support staff who have years of experience in helping ex-service personnel and military spouses and partners back into work.

How do I book my place on a course?

To book your place on a course, you need to register your interest by either:

  • Selecting a course and providing your details here.
  • Calling the LifeWorks Families team on 0800 319 6844.
  • Emailing lifeworks@rbli.co.uk

A member of the LifeWorks Families team will then contact you to find out more about your personal situation. If LifeWorks seems like the support that you need, they will then book you on to a course.

What if there isn't a course in my area?

Please contact us and we will see if we can make arrangements for you to attend one of the courses closest to you. We can also provide support over the phone or by email.

What if I can't attend a course due to childcare or for any other reason?

We also provide support over the phone and by email, so that you can access support when it is convenient for you. Please contact the LifeWorks Families team by calling 0800 319 6844 or emailing lifeworks@rbli.co.uk.