What is LifeWorks?

The LifeWorks team remain here to support the military community during these difficult times and it’s important for everyone to know – LifeWorks Still Works! Our expert career coaches and vocational assessors are on call to support remotely and all you need to do is call 0800 319 6844 or send us a quick email to lifeworks@rbli.co.uk and we will do the rest. Veterans and military families are inherently positive, adaptable and hugely resilient and as a result, will play a key part in supporting those around you and restoring normality when the time comes.
Stay Well,
Stay Connected and Stay Busy.

What is LifeWorks?

A support service (at zero-cost to the participant) to help veterans looking to either move into sustainable employment, training or education; or advice & guidance on how to help land that dream role.

Who is it for?

It’s available to veterans, regardless of when, where of how long they served.

How much does it cost?

The course is funded by organisations keen to support veterans.

How does it help?

Discover New Opportunities

We'll help you identify your strengths as well as potential career or training opportunities.

Develop Your Employment Skills

From job searching to CV writing, we'll help you develop the skills you need.

Build Your Confidence

We'll help you manage the impact of a change in situation, increasing your confidence and motivation.

How do I sign up?


Coming Soon!